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War Selection – Free pseudo-historical stategy game now on Steam

War Selection – pseudo-historical stategy game with construction of base, resources gathering and military clashes.

Up to 62 players in one match fight in a random map.

Each player starts from the Stone Age. During the match you choose your culture, and then a certain country. This represents the entire historical diversity of the human civilization. Each chosen path brings ir’s unique game experience.

Game mechanics and opportunities change depending on your choice. After passing 8 historical eras you reach the Modern time.

More than 100 buildings и more than 200 types of units are available.

There are 2 types of troops available: land and naval.

Different game modes wait for a player:

  1. Confronting hordes;

  2. Team match;

  3. Free-for-all match;

  4. Armageddon;

  5. Team Armageddon.

Countries have borders. In the Armageddon mode countries with the smallest area get gradually hit with meteorites.


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