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Outpost Zero – Review

Outpost Zero is a survival simulation game, set on a hostile planet. You build a base, set up defences, and fend off enemies both AI and other players. The premise is interesting, and does a lot of things right. The exploration and build is really fun, and there’s a lot of depth to the gameplay. You can construct robots to maintain your base, and you’ll need to upgrade these robots and keep them happy with better crew quarters, for them to perform at peak efficiency. There are also a lot of environmental hazards like earthquakes, meteor showers, thunderstorms, and you’ll need to be able to withstand all of these to survive. 

From being a mere survivor to absolutely dominating  the planet, there’s a massive journey to be taken, and it can easily get overwhelming. Outpost Zero is the kind of game that you want to go slow with, and learn everything properly as you go.

Pros: Harsh and challenging environment A lot of depth Tons of upgrades, and various paths to take PVP and PVE

Cons: Needs more polish

Score – 7/10


Outpost Zero blends the genres of Multiplayer Base Building Survival and Simulation games in a Sci-Fi universe.

You and your robotic crewmates were sent to this planet for one purpose – to prepare a working habitat for the future waves of human colonists eager to escape the dying earth. Gaiya’s untold natural resources are a juicy target for interstellar big business. Healthy competition among competing corporations drive the dangerous expeditions. Will you succeed in establishing a profitable foothold on this mysterious world, or will the perils of Gaiya and the ruthless corporations out to exploit her natural resources be too much for you to handle?


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