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Metal Wolf XD Chaos – Review

Metal Wolf XD Chaos is a Third Person Shooter game originally released in 2004. The released version does carry the weight of the game originally belonging to a different era in gaming, with it’s over dramatic story sequences, to slow controls and ancient game menus. 

You play the president of America, Michael Wilson, who must take back control of the government from his vice president who has staged a coup. The game is pretty much meant to be a parody, evident from it’s cringe worthy dialogues and general lack of seriousness. There is barely any significant upgrade one will see in the game, only the visuals have been turned HD, but other than that there is not much that is different. The game does offer a great mindless shooting experience even while using a difficult to control mech and the experience is enhanced by shooting mechanics which forces the player to strategize how to shoot and which gun to shoot with. Overall the game is a fun experience, and runs for seven hours, which is adequate for this kind of game.

Platform- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox, Microsoft Windows Price- 529 Rs Developer- FromSoftware, General Arcade Publisher- FromSoftware, Microsoft Corporation, Devolver Digital, Xbox Game Studios


  1. Interesting variety of weapons

  2. Good Shooting Mechanics

  3. Very funny at points


  1. Few save points or checkpoints

  2. Buggy and slow controls

Score: 7/10

The country is in peril as President Michael Wilson defends the nation against a full-scale rebellion led by Vice-President Richard Hawk and the mechanized legions he commands. As the 47th President of the United States, it is your sworn duty to take your country back by any means necessary and end this unjust coup d’etat! Battle in your advanced mech – armed to the teeth – across iconic American landscapes including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon, and the front steps of the White House.

FromSoftware originally released Metal Wolf Chaos in December 2004, appearing exclusively on the original Xbox and only in Japan. The game went on to become somewhat of a legend as it was hard to acquire and even harder to play outside of Japan with most fans experience of the game through YouTube videos and the occasional screenshot. Devolver Digital and FromSoftware have partnered together with developer General Arcade to modernize Metal Wolf Chaos with updates to the game including upgraded visual fidelity, refined controls and gameplay, a new save system, and 4K + 16:9 support for modern displays.


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