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Made-in-India Shooter MaskGun Crosses 50 Million Players

SuperGaming, one of India’s leading game development companies announced that its multiplayer shooter MaskGun has crossed 50 million players on Android and iOS with more than 56 million playing the game. Launched in January 2019, MaskGun runs on the June Engine, SuperGaming’s proprietary technology, entirely built by the team in Pune, India.

The company also revealed that players have fired more than 46.7 billion bullets, resulting in 4.6 billion kills of which over 542 million of them are headshot kills since MaskGun was first available. It has a vocal community of over 1.3 million clans with a grand total of 23 million in-game hours according to a detailed infographic from the company.

To celebrate this, MaskGun had 50 hours of double XP and gold in-game this weekend — for the first time ever. Also, SuperGaming will highlight its biggest fans without which the game would not have reached this milestone with video testimonials from this week.

“When we launched MaskGun we never expected to have the impact it did and the outpouring of love from the MaskGun family has inspired us to be better,” says Roby John, CEO and Co-founder. “Their support has made the journey to 50 million — and beyond — all worth the while. In the weeks to come we’ll be highlighting these community heroes as our way of celebrating their stories that our game has been fortunate to play host to in some small way.”

About SuperGaming

SuperGaming is one of India’s leading gaming companies founded by Roby John, Sanket Nadhani, Christelle D’cruz, Sreejit J and Navneet Waraich. Along with building popular mobile games such as MaskGun, Devil Amongst Us, and Tower Conquest, it has invested deeply in building its own gaming engine for running hyperscale, real-time multiplayer games that included the official PAC-MAN game.

Additionally, it has built Bored, a suite of games for remote teams, and is in the process of bringing Indus to market – a battle royale slated to launch in 2022. This multi-genre portfolio is indicative of versatility and depth in game development that the 5-member founding team brings to the table. SuperGaming has 119 employees and is headquartered in Pune. For more information visit


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