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Introducing GALAX’s All-New Gaming Gear Series Launching Accessory Combos for the Ultimate Gaming Ex

Furthermore in dedicated to streamers and video creators, video streaming peripherals such as USB microphone, gaming camera, HDMI capture card, USB ring light will also be launched in the upcoming months, allowing content creators to stream with their consoles and to share their videos with friends. GALAX Stealth gaming keyboard (STL-01) 104 anti-ghosting keys. Multiple inputs without conflicts ⦁ Blue mechanical switches with satisfying tactile feedback ⦁ 2 extra USB ports for other devices ⦁ Customizable RGB backlight

GALAX gaming keyboard (STL-03) ⦁ 104 anti-ghosting keys. Multiple inputs without conflicts ⦁ Blue mechanical switches with satisfying tactile feedback ⦁ Customizable RGB backlight GALAX gaming headset (SNR-01, SNR-02) ⦁ High quality 7.1 virtual surround sound and omni-directional microphone, creating an immersive gaming experience ⦁ Adjustable headband and high-quality synthetic protein leather earmuffs ⦁ Black (SNR-01) high-end lightweight design ⦁ White (SNR-02) comfortable streamline design GALAX gaming headset (SNR-03)

⦁ 7.1 Virtual Surround sound ⦁ High-quality leather earmuffs ⦁ 20Hz to 20,000 Hz Audio Frequency Range High-fidelity omni-directional microphone ⦁ Compatible with PC and consoles GALAX gaming headset (SNR-04, SNR-04W)

⦁ 7.1 Virtual Surround sound ⦁ 20Hz to 20,000 Hz Audio Frequency Range ⦁ Detachable high-fidelity omnidirectional speaker ⦁ Compatible with PC and consoles ⦁ Available in white color GALAX gaming mouse (SLD-01) ⦁ Adjustable 7200DPI ⦁ Durable braided fiber cable ⦁ 8 programmable macro keys ⦁ Customizable RGB backlight ⦁ Weight: 120g

GALAX gaming mouse (SLD-02) ⦁ Adjustable 3600DPI (1200/1800/2400/3600) ⦁ Durable braided fiber cable ⦁ 6 function keys ⦁ Customizable RGB backlight ⦁ Mirrored design, suitable for both left- and right-handed people ⦁ Weight: 125g GALAX gaming mouse (SLD-03)

⦁ -Adjustable 7200 DPI ⦁ 7 Programmable Macro Keys ⦁ 16.8M RGB Backlighting colors ⦁ Weight: 121.7g (with cable) GALAX gaming mouse (SLD-04)

⦁ -Adjustable 6400 DPI (1000/1600/3200/6400) ⦁ 6 Function keys ⦁ 4 color presets ⦁ Weight: 119.6g (with cable) GALAX gaming mouse (SLD-05)

⦁ Honeycomb ergonomics design ⦁ Adjustable up to 10000 DPI by software ⦁ 6 Programmable Macro Keys ⦁ Weight: 60g (excluded cable) GALAX Gaming Chair (GC-01, GC-02) ⦁ 90° – 180° reclining ergonomic seat back ⦁ 4D adjustable armrest, detachable headrest and lower back cushion ⦁ Durable SGS certified hydraulic pump and metal frame ⦁ Black (GC-01) and White (GC-02) with RBG lighting effect GALAX Gaming Monitor (VI-01, VI-01RGB)

⦁ Borderless 27-inch 2K IPS LED panel ⦁ 165Hz Refresh Rate ⦁ 1ms MPRT Response Time G-SYNC®, FreeSync™ Compatible ⦁ VI-01RGB: RGB logo and monitor backlight GALAX Cooling Fan (VW-01) ⦁ Rotating speed: 1100 rpm ⦁ Air volume: 36 CFM ⦁ Static pressure: 1.08mm – H2O ⦁ RGB lighting effect ⦁ Programmable 3-pin 5V ARGB connector for compatible controller and motherboard ⦁ Noise reduction technology and built by sound absorbing materials. ⦁ Noise Level: 25 db(A) GALAX Cooling Fan (VW-02) ⦁ High performance fan blades design with the maximum of 1200RPM rotating speed Air volume: 36.8 CFM ⦁ Static pressure: 2.18mm Unique design with ARGB lighting effect ⦁ Superior noise reduction. Noise Level: 24.6db(A) GALAX PC Case(REV-01)

⦁ ATX, M-ATX, M-ITX compatible ⦁ Support up to 8 cooling fans, top and front water cooling radiator installation. (Up to 280mm) ⦁ Ventilation hole design at the front for better heat dissipation ⦁ Hinged tempered glass panel for better display Flexible interior space for installation: support 17cm CPU cooler and 34cm GPU, 3.5inch HDD and 2.5-inch SSD Locate your nearest store and shop for GALAX GAMING GEAR series: Please check directly with the stores for stock availability


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