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Inside the Gaming Smartphone – Do you Know the Technology Powering Your Gameplay?

The mobile gaming market is booming globally, and India is one of the biggest players in the industry from the end-user perspective. A recent KPMG report on sports gaming in India states that the domestic mobile gaming industry is seen expanding at a CAGR of 22.1 percent between FY18 and FY23, touching 118.8 billion INR. With people now facing a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this figure is likely to grow as more and more individuals indulge in online and smartphone gaming to stay entertained. For instance, POKKT, a leading mobile video advertising platform, reported a 39% rise in global mobile game downloads in March, with over 4 billion downloads globally. During the social distancing phase, the daily average time spent on gaming has also risen to 45 minutes, from 30 minutes previously. 

  1. Mobile Gaming is now Mainstream

Various reports peg 2019 as the year gaming went mainstream in India and this is only set to advance this year. Trends like fantasy gaming, real-money gaming platforms, interactive mobile gaming applications, among others, ensured that gaming has become firmly entrenched in the Indian milieu. Individuals engrossed in their mobile screens and engaging in intense gameplay are now a common sight at homes as well as on public transport systems. 

  1. Role of Chip Makers in Powering Gaming Industry

While most of us are gaming enthusiasts, how many of us really understand the technology that powers seamless gameplay? It is a minuscule chip, embedded in your phone, that allows you to play and win big, ensuring dedicated gamers enjoy unrivalled connectivity and performance. 

One such chipmaker, who recently unveiled its new range of gaming chips powered by newer and faster technology, is MediaTek. Aimed at catering to the entire gamut of gamers, MediaTek’s new additions to the G series of chips, the MediaTek Helio G70 and G80, are designed to make mobile gaming both smart and competitive. The chips promise unparalleled performance and seamless gameplay, allowing smartphone makers to incorporate innovative details and make your experience even more explosive.    

  1. MediaTek – A Pioneer in Gaming Technology

MediaTek has had a long and well-documented history in India, starting operations as an R&D player in 2004. In the later years, when mobile makers were entering the Indian market, MediaTek was the pioneer who supported them with innovative technology. Featuring world-class R&D capabilities, MediaTek has remained at the forefront of the smartphone landscape, enabling device makers to cater to the ever-changing requirements of the customer.  

When it came to gaming, MediaTek has been intent on offering users smooth performance even in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay while also maintain power efficiency for uninterrupted gaming. The innovative MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology, a part of the MediaTek Helio G series and some MediaTek Helio P series chips, facilitates intelligent prediction of Wi-Fi and LTE concurrency, triggering the concurrency in just 13 milliseconds. This means we do not have to worry about a lag during gameplay. It also offers us the option to defer calls while in-game, without causing a drop in connection. 

  1. Demystifying Technology for End Users

Technology is a dynamic segment, witnessing constant innovation. As such, it is difficult to keep up with all the progress, even for the most ardent subscriber. MediaTek’s Technology Diaries, held in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, remedies this problem – demystifying technology for the end-user. The concept facilitates interaction between the company and the media, ensuring that the end users are made aware of revolutionary technology, advances in chip solutions and the latest products offered by MediaTek. This year, the company is looking forward to broadening the scope of these interactions and reach more people across the country. 


Mobile gaming is, indeed, a serious industry and even an actual career option, if you look at the fame and popularity amassed by some of the avid gamers. It is expected to be larger than the cinema industry going ahead, with games now being developed as a proper story with a strong plot, creativity, graphics and incessant efforts. With chipmakers like MediaTek striving to unveil newer and faster technology for gaming, the industry is set to go further than any of us ever imagined.  


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