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HyperCharge Unboxed – Review

HyperCharge Unboxed is a co-operative First Person Shooter where you play as toys that have come to life. Your goal in the game is to defend Hyper Cores from an onslaught by toys; solo or with three other friends. While the gameplay looks like a standard First Person Shooter, the ideas of player being as small as a toy and fighting toys makes the game a visual treat, the setting of battle being tops of tables or floor of the bedroom adds to this aesthetic feeling.

The pre-setting of the battlefield by you and your friends with traps and blockades create room for strategy building and smart gameplay. Many of the traps need to bought using coins that are placed around the room. You are faced with various enemy toys ranging from the classic toy soldier to beyblades to small basketballs looking to crush. Each have different strategies of either attacking you or going straight for your Hyper Core making gameplay challenging and exciting. The combat’s difficulty paired with the humour of being attacked by toys you may have once had in your childhood makes for a wonderful gameplay experience.

Platform- Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch Price- Rs.479 Developer- Digital Cybercherries Publisher- Digital Cybercherries


  1. Amazing Aesthetics

  2. Tight FPS Combat

  3. Great Setting


  1. Some bot glitches need to be fixed

Score: 8/10


Fight for your plastic little lives! Embark on an epic mission with up to 3 of your friends. Your task, soldier, is to prevent the HYPER-CORE from being destroyed. If it’s destroyed, you can kiss your human friends goodbye. They’ll forget about us – all of us! Every toy, comic book, cartoon. It’ll be like we never existed! Don’t let that happen, soldier – we’re depending on YOU. Recruit a special team of 3 friends. Work together, and keep that HYPER-CORE operational! Work together and win, for the future of toys everywhere!


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