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DLA Piper reports shows that Canada will be the Mecca of Esports in 2020

Canada is an influential country in many industries. Business operators have a law that can make them feel comfortable. Country officials have opened doors to many other operators from around the world. You’ll see many foreign companies striving for the Canadian market.

E-sports have shown that it will be a billion-dollar market in the next few years. Many video game developers have been focused only on games that can be played online. The development of Esports has been successful in the last few years. We have seen international tournaments that became a hit in the online gaming industry. According to the latest reports from the legal firm “DLA Piper,” Canada will be the Mecca for online gamers.

The official report from DLA Piper

DLA Piper is an international law firm that works on analyzing different markets. According to the latest reports, DLA Piper’s representatives found that Canada will hit big success in 2020 in E-sports. Law firm experts decided to focus on 38 countries. They have analyzed the local law, the government’s approach, approval from the locals, percentage of gamers, international tourists, the number of international tournaments, etc.

As they have studied domestic law of 38 countries, it’s not a surprise that Canada has surpassed each of those countries. Canadians have the most tech-friendly code that can be used by different companies that want to go on the public market.

Esports industry is following the footprints of gaming venues

As you may know, Canada is the hub of online gambling. Not only online gaming venues but also the biggest brands in the casino, horse racing, and poker industry are situated in Canada. Keep in mind that Canada was one of the first countries to create a friendly environment for digital gaming space. Country authorities have taken one approach that helped not only casinos and other gaming venues but also the economy of the country.

Lawyers of “DLA Piper” note that law regarding online casino in Canada is very different from others. Entrance to the market is very low, so the possibility of success is enormous. Don’t forget the fact that the country’s government has not changed the chosen approach throughout these years. Casinos and other gaming venues show a tremendous success rate in the last few years. The economy of the country is growing rapidly and has shown the growth that has never been possible in developed countries.

DLA Piper representatives believe that E-sport has the same path as online gambling venues. The same success recipe will be used from country authorities as they have done with casinos. DLA Piper lawyers genuinely believe that 2020 will be the year of E-sports in Canada along with casinos.

An easy way for gaming companies to go public

Canada has less regulation regarding E-sport companies than you can see in any other country. Authorities in Canada believe that an easy and straightforward approach to legal entities can get interest from big international brands. Don’t forget the statistics for the last two years. Lots of big brands in Esports have decided to change the office and accept the offer from Canada. The country has given then an easy way to go public.

What does “going public” mean? Companies who develop games and fix the issues in the e-sport industry want to go public soon — going public means that legal entities can trade with the stocks of the company. If any company wants to grow rapidly and raise billions of dollars in a short time of the period, then going public is the only way. Canadian or New York Stock Exchange is the biggest platform for companies that desire to go public.

Canadian legislation is straightforward when it comes to going public. Not only video gaming companies can quickly establish their branch in Canada, but also those companies can go public. First of all, the essential choice would be Canada’s stock exchange market. In the end, if the legal entity wants to focus on the New York Stock Exchange, then it won’t be a problem also.

Experts note that Canada already has few E-sport companies that went on public trading in 2019. The main point of Canadian legislation is to make e-sport players’ life more comfortable. It will be interesting to see what the next 12 months hold for e-sport players and entities. Canada’s government is waiting for more international brands to open branches in Canada.


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