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Apsulov: End Of Gods – Review

Apsulov: End Of Gods is a narrative driven horror game based on the Norse mythology. You play as a women who finds herself within a research facility in Sweden where something has gone horribly wrong. You need to make your way out, and along the way uncover the events that transpired within the facility. Firstly, the atmosphere is incredible. The game looks fantastic, and the visual horror elements are done exceptionally well. The story is also really compelling, with the mysteries of the research facility constantly tugging you forward. The gameplay is mostly stealth focused, with some fights in between. However, the game mostly wants to tell you a story and scare you along the way, so don’t expect a lot ion terms of gameplay.

Overall, the story, voice acting, and visuals had me completely hooked throughout the 7-9 hour long campaign, and I would recommend Apsulov: End Of Gods to any fan of the genre.

Pros: Great horror elements Looks great, powerful atmosphere Excellent sound design Intriguing story

Cons: Minor bugs

Score – 9/10


The humans delved far beneath the earth to find the mercy of the gods. What they found was never meant to reach the surface. Not on Midgard, nor any of the nine realms of Yggdrasil. Now their discovery wreaks havoc on their world, exploiting their technology, and leaving all in misery and decay. Through all their conquests and revelations they never stopped to consider that some things are buried for a reason.

In a world of technology and mythological artifacts, chaos rules over the human realm. It is in this chaos that you find your purpose and destiny.

In this future viking horror you awake in a sanctuary of steel and concrete, built to research and exploit the worlds of Yggdrasil, and to house an artifact, buried in the earth aeons ago. Unveil the secrets of the mythology, the artifacts, and the realms of Yggdrasil in Apsulov: End of Gods.


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