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WWE 2K22 - Review

OUR SCORE - 9/10

After a year-long break, WWE 2K is finally back. If you've been into WWE games, you know that the wait has been long, but now it's finally over. So, let's dive straight into it.

Leading role in WWE 2K22 has, as its cover betrays, the objectively best-masked wrestler of all time, Rey Mysterio. In addition to a cover, Rey has an entire Showcase dedicated to him. At Showcase you will play some of the most important matches in his career, in a very interesting way. In each race, you control Rey, you must perform specific tasks in order to stay true to how the real race unfolded. In fact, some specific tasks cause cutscenes, in which alternations are made between in-game and shots from the normal match.

On the one hand, they are pleasant memories for those who lived them, as well as a very interesting way to experience them again. On the other hand, those who hold in their hands for the first time anything related to this giant, can in this way begin to learn the history and legacy that Rey has left. In fact, Luchador himself offers a small Voiceover, saying various thoughts, not only about the fight but also about his opponent.

Once you have chosen the gender of your wrestler, it is time for your own journey from training to apotheosis. We note that each gender follows a different story. Once you enter the Performance Center, you will prepare your character in a fairly detailed creation environment. Unlike 2K20, where every option was locked behind an in-game paywall, there are no restrictions, you can create them as you wish. The options are many and cover even the most demanding in this area.

The big comeback of MyGM Mode is here too. In this, starting from scratch, as well as with a minimum for the budget, you are called to make your own roster and create your own scripts, in order to apotheosis and the glory of your show. Fortunately, this return is very enjoyable, as it manages to absorb you in building your own show, creating the next superstar, as well as making millions. The only sure thing is that you will be quite happy with this magnificent return.

The wrestlers, the referees, the commentators and the audience are well-designed, with a small detail in the eyes, which look really strange, due to their gurgling. Otherwise, the models, especially the wrestlers, have the most accurate and realistic design of any other WWE 2K. Even the shadows from the headlights illuminate properly, making you feel a little closer to the action than you should. This, of course, was helped by the new camera developed by 2K, making the result simply wonderful.

Two of the biggest changes, that of the machine, as well as the genre, from Simulation to Arcade, gave it a huge leap to make it even more fun. Rey Mysterio honours the cover, also having his own Showcase, which shows his success with great accuracy. Still, the limitations of Creation Mode are gone and, finally, we have a worthy MyRise. If you're looking for a new WWE game to spend your time with, then your search is over.


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