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Wildland – Review

Wildland is post apocalyptic survival game with an interesting twist – instead of going about on foot, you are driving an SUV across a harsh wasteland. You come across people whom you can help, and you need to get resources in order to keep yourself going. It’s not an intense game, in fact, for the post apocalypse, it can be pretty laid back, and that’s a great change of pace. Driving is fun, and you are free to go wherever you want. The game also looks great, with fantastic weather effects. Overall, a fun game to chill out with, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Pros: Laid back post apocalyptic setting Looks great Open world is fun to explore

Cons: Not a lot of variety Simplistic quest design

Score – 7/10


Welcome to the Last Commune! The wild land, which never recovered after the death of the Soviet Union: most people left their native land, fertile fields are not cultivated, forests and meadows swallowed up the abandoned and destroyed infrastructure, inherited from the once great country. Only a few remained to survive in this harsh place. And a few of the rest are ready to help their countrymen. You are one of them! Get behind the wheel of one of the Soviet SUVs and help people in a difficult situation. And remember: if you survive, the Last Commune will survive.


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