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White Day: A Labyrinth Named School launches on September 8

Survival horror game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Switch on September 8, publisher PQube and developer SONNORI announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via PQube:


White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is a true classic in the horror genre, widely regarded as one of the greatest pure horror games ever created—a spine-chilling first-person survival horror with eerie atmosphere, intense chase sequences, dynamic scare system, evolving puzzle solutions, a branching story and multiple endings.

With limited resources at your disposal, can you avoid the murderous janitors within the dense network of hallways and rooms? Or will the horrors that stalk the school by night claim your life before you can escape?

Key Features

  • The spine-chilling Korean horror White Day: A Labyrinth Named School comes to next-gen consoles for the first time in the west!

  • Based on the legendary 2001 title of the same name it has been completely remade for modern gamers.

  • Enter Yeondu High School, a building with a dark past, patrolled by homicidal janitors, and haunted by those who met their untimely demise on its grounds.

  • Terrifying ghost encounters: Come face-to-face with 20 unique ghosts, each more horrifying than the last.

  • Featuring a dynamic scare system: the higher the difficulty, the more terrors you encounter.

  • Discover hidden secrets, ghost stories and ten different endings depending on your actions!

  • Over 30 bonus costume downloadable contents included for Sung-A Kim, So-Young Han, Ji-Min Yoo, Ji-Hyeon Seol, Hee-Min Lee, Bong-Goo Lee, and Dal-Su Son.

Prepare for the hauntings of Yeondu High School with our definitive Ghost Guide!

Prepare Yourself with Our Definitive Guide

If you’d prefer to know what’s coming your way when you enter the school grounds, you can learn all about the ghosts and ghouls of Yeondu High School with our definitive Ghost Guide.

Read the chilling tales detailing the origins of the 20 phantoms that you will encounter during the game! (Spoiler warning!)

Below is a taster of some of the disturbing beings you’ll encounter, and how they came to be…

The Housemistress – 여사감의원혼 – “Mrs C” was a terrifying and harsh housemistress, who earned the nickname “The Tiger.” One day, she dragged a student who had hair longer than regulation into a bathroom and chopped it off with scissors. The other students started to rebel against Mrs C, jeering and insulting her. She fled the school, but her body was found shortly after on a mountainside close to campus. Her ghost can still be found in the school bathroom brandishing the infamous scissors.

The Diary Keeper’s Baby – 아기귀신 – Seol-Hyun had a crush on her art teacher, but a rumor started to circulate that the two were dating in secret. Due to this rumor, the school banished the art teacher and Seol-Hyun fell into despair. Soon after, Seol-Hyun was found dead after taking an overdose of sleeping pills. During the autopsy, it was found she was pregnant. From them on, cries of a baby could be heard in the art room at night. Those who see the baby are cautioned not to follow it, as they may fall victim to its mournful rage and dragged into the darkness.

Bloodthirsty Tree – 피를원하는나무 – Mr B was a lonely homeroom teacher very fond of his plants. One day, when Mr B left the classroom, a student accidentally poured acid on his favorite plant, killing it. The students planned to incinerate the plant and replace it with another, hoping Mr B would be none the wiser. However, as the plant caught alight it let out a piercing scream. Mr B heard this and saw the plant burning. In his despair he jumped into the incinerator to be with his beloved tree. Some time later, a student saw a man in the teachers old homeroom covered in blood with leaves and stems.

Doppelganger – 도플갱어 – In the schools dance department, there were once two very talented twin sisters, Yae-Eun and Yae-Ji. However, it was Yae-Ji who was the most revered by teachers. One day during an audition, Yae-Ji suffered a terrible accident with her foot being severely cut by broken glass and her dance shoes covered in blood. Yae-Eun then took her place and became a teenage dance celebrity. Unfortunately, Yae-Ji’s injuries caused her much distress and her feet eventually became infected and she died soon after. One night at rehearsal, Yae-Eun looked in the reflection of the dance studio’s mirror and she noticed her ballet shoes covered in blood. The mirrors reflection then came to life, proceeding to wrap her own hands around Yae-Eun’s neck and choked her to death.

The Girl Who Became a Spider – 거미귀신거미가된여학생 – So-Hee was a student that suffered with arachnophobia. In her class there was a girl that had long black hair and barely spoke, and her appearance reminded So-Hee of a spider. On one occasion, she even caught her eating a moth. Soon after, the girl vanished, never to return to class. One night, So-Hee returned to the classroom to collect a notebook, but she was greeted by an unsettling site. She saw the girl clutching the ceiling like a spider. Before she had time to scream, the girl rushed at So-Hee and they were never seen again.


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