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Western Digital’s Bloggers Meet Was Pretty Epic

Western Digital, a leading storage solutions brand organised a gaming meetup, where many popular streamers like Rakazone, Angad Singh (that’s me – famous and really humble), and Mackle were present, alongside many other gamers, PC enthusiasts, and more. At the event we got our hands on the new WD BLACK NVME SN750 SSD, a gaming focused SSD that aims to reduce load times, provide better gaming experiences – it even has a heatsink to dissipate heat while gaming for long sessions.

With read speeds up to 3470 MBps, and write speeds up to 3000 MBps, the WD BLACK NVME SN750 SSD boasts 1.6 times faster load and installation time.

We’ll be testing the WD BLACK NVME SN750 SSD more in the near future and will have more updates for you soon.


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