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Valkyrie Elysium – early November update to add ‘Hilde’s Vengeance’ mode, time attack, and more

Publisher Square Enix and developer Soleil have announced new modes and difficulties coming to Valkyrie Elysium in an early November update. For the PC version, this update will already be included at launch.

The new content includes:

“Hilde’s Vengeance” – A new mode in which you play as Hilde, which offers a new action experience compared to playing as the Valkyrie, including shadow attacks, Hilde’s dedicated skill tree, and more.

Seraphic Gate – High difficulty time attack battles unlocked after clearing the main story. Each tier restricts the weapons and skills that can be used, and has special rewards for clearing every battle.

New Difficulty Settings: “Very Hard / Valkyrie” – The new difficulties “Very Hard” and “Valkyrie,” which are for players who want to enjoy a more difficult level of action.


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