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Twin-stick shooter action RPG Dreadhunter announced for PC

Prague-based developer Trickster Arts has announced a twin-stick shooter/action RPG Dreadhunter for PC (Steam). It will launch in Early Access in Q4 2023.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

About Drop into action inside a cutting edge mech suit. Shoot, slash, smash and dash to get to the highest bounties as a fearless sci-fi monster hunter. Defeat swarms of screeching monsters and slay ominous horrors to discover that the biggest dreads in the Universe don’t have claws and rocket launchers…

Key Features

  • Impactful Combat – Enjoy badass combat experience that rapidly changes between ranged and melee. Keep yourself in motion, as the monsters are fast and deadly.

  • Boss Fights – Hunt down bosses for bounties in each level and face massive final bosses at the end of all story acts.

  • Endless Replayability – All environments in the story campaign are uniquely generated every time you enter them and you can increasingly match the challenge to your skill by next level of difficulty.

  • All Items are “Legendary” – Collect loot that changes the way you play. All item drops you find have unique and meaningful upgrades to your mech, weapons or abilities. Find interesting item combinations that suit your own playstyle.

  • Extraordinary Guns and Abilities – Taste the destructive power of guns that already feel like special abilities. Upgrade them by equipping armor pieces, and add upgradable abilities with their own interesting variants and ability trees to become unstoppable!


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