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Turn-based horror adventure game It’s Dark Inside announced for PC

Publisher Aurora Punks and developer Pixadome have announced turn-based horror adventure game It’s Dark Inside. It will launch in Early Access for PC via Steam in 2023.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

About It’s Dark Inside is a turn-and-tile-based, horror adventure where you play as a Mother setting out to save her child by killing a horrific God from the inside. Carefully plan out your every move in this game, for every action will be met with wrath from the creatures that lurk inside.

A Horrifying, Yet Captivating Environment The body of a god may be made up of organic, living tissue just like our own—but what happens inside of it is far from usual. Your quest will take you on a journey through the God’s different organs, allowing you to explore unique biomes on your journey towards freedom.

Who Can You Trust? You are not the first to enter the body of this God. As you progress through the insides you will meet some who are sympathetic to your quest and some who will see your mission as a threat to their very existence. Face the hidden danger of other people, and form unlikely bonds with characters that will evolve throughout your journey.

Tactical, Turn-Based Combat It’s Dark Inside features a rotating directional weapon system. Choosing which weapon you’ll use on a given turn—and which direction it’s facing—will determine which tiles your strikes affect. Every step and action you take will end your turn and allow the creatures birthed from within, Godspawn—to take their actions. Carefully plan out your moves, as every step could make you another corpse inside the God.


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