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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is coming on iOS and Android platforms

Publisher and developer XD and developer Landfall Games will release Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for iOS and Android.

Initially developed for PC and Xbox, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator imagines a simulation in which the player acts as the leader of goggle-eyed wobblers from ancient lands, spooky places, and fantasy worlds. Players have over 100 unique classes of wobblers at their disposal and a custom unit creator where they can bring their own wobbly ideas to life. Players are also able to enter the multiplayer mode where they can battle their friends and strangers online. Shortly after its unironic release on April Fool’s Day of 2021, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has already seen over 4.5 million players join the battle in dropping wobblers into wacky warfares. In that same year, TABS was the highest-rated game on Steam. Staying true to Landfall’s original game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile developed by XD will allow players to hatch and capture hearty moments of wobbly chaos. Players can watch their long beloved wobblers stumble through familiar lands with the same silliness and the same sense of humor, conveniently through the tips of their fingers.

Watch the announcement trailer below.


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