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Togges launches December 7

Collect-a-thon 3D platformer Togges will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam on December 7, publisher Thunderful Games and developer Regular Studio announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via Thunderful Games:

About Explore multiple worlds and immerse yourself in incredible settings with stunning vistas. From a futuristic city in the Savannah, to a realm made of carrot cake, discover funny stories and make friends around the Cosmos.

Solve environmental puzzles, discovering how to interact with the world in a range of creative mechanics, and find all sorts of collectibles, with dozens of content in handcrafted levels where every corner has something interesting to do.

Overcome challenges while combining different Togge Colors and abilities, and find new ways to play creating unexpected situations due to emergent gameplay, with multi-layered open levels, completely free for you to explore and master the game.

A game made with love, from a 3D platformer fan to another 3D platformer fan. A charming revival from the “strangest” creative B games from the Golden Era of the 3D platformers, with a modernized vision taking notes from the great classics.

Key Features A game unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

A combination between something completely new, and totally familiar.

Spread and stack adorable cubes to explore incredible worlds, collect goodies, discover funny stories, and help the King President dominate the universe to save from the unknown threat of the Void.

  • A unique game about spreading and stacking adorable cubes (a.k.a. Togges).

  • Classic Collect-A-Thon 3D platformer.

  • Amazing handcrafted worlds with beautiful art direction.

  • A non-linear game with dozens of content to explore and discover.

  • A wide variety of lovely characters and funny stories.

  • Emergent gameplay full of creative mechanics.

  • Incredible gameplay, fascinating worlds!

  • Beneath all the Stars, in the Bottom of the Cosmos there is an Endless Wall, keeping the known universe from the dangers of the unknown. In the formation of the constellations, the leaders of each domain must protect all the existence. This is the story of the Togges.


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