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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin DLC ‘Trials of the Dragon King’ trailer and details

Publisher Square Enix and developer Team NINJA have released a full-length trailer, new information, and screenshots for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin downloadable content “Trials of the Dragon King,” which is due out on July 20.

The highly anticipated first of three expansions planned for the season pass! After countless deaths and countless cycles, a man assumed the mantle of the dark god of chaos and seized the very power of creation for his own. All this was according to plan—a meticulously orchestrated scheme to shatter the shackles the Lufenians had placed upon the world and free Cornelia from their grasp. His first task complete, he set the wheels of a new design in motion. Across time eternal, he and his allies would nurture and guide heroes worthy of the title of warriors of light—just as a friend had once guided him and his comrades. For, in the end, it is only the light that can sever the fetters of the past and lead the world to a brighter dawn.

■ Characters Bahamut The king that rules over dragonkind, Bahamut sets trials for the brave and awards them titles. Taking an interest in Jack and the others, it lends them its counsel and strength. Warrior of Light Warriors of Light who appear in Cornelia. They fight to restore the light to the crystals and save the world.

■ New Jobs Summoner Summoners can use their job action, summon, to call Bahamut into battle. While Bahamut is active, the summoner’s MP and max MP will continually decrease. In exchange, the summoner can control Bahamut and gains access to its powerful abilities. In accordance with the amount of maximum MP that has been consumed, Bahamut will be able to use megaflare, gigaflare and exaflare. All of Bahamut’s attacks whilst summoned are extremely powerful, with a wide area of effect, making them highly effective when you’re surrounded by enemies. Additionally, you can increase the duration of the summon by attacking enemies to restore MP. Evoker Evokers can use their job action, evoke, to summon a spirit to aid them in battle. The spirit will automatically attack your foes, and can also unleash special abilities on command. It will provide backup as you fight – for example, blast wave staggers enemies, shackle seals enemy movement, interrupt delays enemy actions and heal restores your HP and the HP of nearby allies. Pilgrim Pilgrims can perform their job action, assault hook, which changes the length of the staff and grabs an enemy. Depending on how you wield the staff, you can leap toward the enemy and strike, or draw the enemy in. It all starts with setting up an advantageous situation in battle, for example, by closing in on enemies from a distance or by pulling out a specific enemy from a crowd.

■ New Weapon Staff Staves are striking weapons that can attack enemies over a wide area by adjusting the length of the weapon. During a normal combo, you can perform thrust attacks or gain distance while unleashing an upward attack. The thrust attack closes distance, while the upwards strike increases distance between you and your enemy. This means that you can turn the battle to your advantage by using the strike best suited for the situation.

■ New Mechanics New Equipment Category: Accessories One accessory can be equipped to each battle set. Accessories may grant special abilities that cannot be obtained by weapons or armor. By boosting weaker stats or granting special abilities, accessories add even more options for customizing your equipment. Equipping some accessories even allows you to use specific abilities, such as enemy skills. Changing Classes You can change classes from the job tree screen, under battle settings. Two different classes are available to choose between, each of which can empower certain job actions in different ways—evocation and ultima. Using a rat tail on the class tree screen will allow you to learn new abilities. Chaos Equipment Equipment found while playing on “Hard” or higher difficulties may be imbued with powerful special abilities: chaos. These grant effects such as increased damage against specific enemies, and are stronger than regular special abilities. The higher the difficulty level, the greater the chance to obtain chaos equipment.

■ Additional Missions A new difficulty setting, “Bahamut,” will be available. On the “Bahamut” difficulty, the Bahamut tab will be added to the game menu. The Bahamut tab contains three options: Trials of the Dragon King, Exchange Shop, and Conversations with Bahamut. Complete dragon king trials to reveal a new story in Conversations with Bahamut. Trials of the Dragon During a trial, you will be forced to fight under a variety of disadvantageous effects, but you will earn dragon treasures once you complete the trial. In addition, raising your trial rank makes it easier to obtain powerful chaos equipment. Exchange Shop Dragon treasures earned in a dragon king trial can be traded for items and equipment at the exchange shop. The exchange shop’s stock can be refreshed and clearing a certain number of missions will increase the amount of times you can refresh the exchange shop’s stock. Conversations with Bahamut New conversations with Bahamut will be unlocked as you complete dragon king trials. Conversations with Bahamut will unlock new missions and progress the main story.

■ Season Pass A season pass with three expansions in total, including the additional mission: “Trials of the Dragon King.”

Release Date: July 20, 2022

Price: $24.99

Supported Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Epic Games Store) Additional missions planned as season pass content:

First Round: “Trials of the Dragon King” (July 20, 2022)

Second Round: “Wanderer of the Rift” (coming soon)

Third Round: “Different Future” (coming soon)

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games Store.

Watch the trailer below.


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