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Spider Man: Miles Morales PC Review


A year has passed since the Devil's Breath attack in New York. An epic battle between Spider-Man and Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus), ended with our arachnid hero emerging victorious. Although some losses were unavoidable, the events resulted in the formation of new allies. One of them is the young Miles Morales.


Miles Morales, the son of a brave police officer who was killed in a terrorist attack, now lives with his mother, Rio Morales, in Harlem. The young man alternates his daily routine between assisting his mother in her election campaign and his difficult apprenticeship with Peter Parker, his mentor. Training to be a worthy successor to the hero as Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, as a way of unveiling its latest project to the world, the mega-corporation Roxxon aims to innovate in the area of renewable technology by implementing a groundbreaking method of producing energy in Harlem. Locals hate Roxxon because of its high and intimidating warlike strength, which has sparked suspicion in the New York community, especially from a criminal group called Underground, whose mission is to expose Roxxon's true face.

With great power comes great responsibilities

When Peter Parker's obligations overshadow his art, he leaves the city in the hands of his student. Miles then becomes the official guardian of New York. Miles likes the idea of becoming a hero. Despite this, he's not sure if he's up to the task of protecting the city on his own. Not even the bad guys in New York take him seriously, calling him "another Spider," "false Spider," or other nicknames. This bothers him. He knows it's time to break away from the cocoon he developed around his mentor and forge his own identity.

Miles was then caught in the middle of a conflict between Roxxon and the Underground. He will make every effort to prevent the city from being further harmed by the two sides' feud. During his quest to protect New York from conflict, he discovers that the Spider-Man mask carries far more weight. He learns that being the Friendly Neighborhood entails more than just swinging around skyscrapers and trapping bad guys in webs.


Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales expands the universe created by Insomniac in 2018. We are in the same New York as the previous game. Some places and activities are easily recognizable. As in Marvel's Spider-Man, when taking on the balance of Miles, we can freely explore the island of Manhattan in all its extension.

In addition, the game's identity combined with the personality of our new protagonist has a great presentation. The picture is for Peter Parker in the previous game as the song is for Miles Morales here. Both the main soundtrack and the key moments of the title have this touch that enhances Miles' personality. It gives even more identity to the boy's adventure.


Swinging around the map is still a therapeutic activity. Instead of taking comfortable quick trips, it is preferable to swing across Manhattan. Simply for the pleasure of traveling through the city in that direction. What really changes are the ways in which we interact with the events of the metropolis.

A loyal friend

Miles has a close friend named Ganke. He has developed an app where people in NY can get in touch directly with the hero. It is through this application that you will have access to secondary missions in the game. It also reports crimes that are happening around the city. These activities yield tokens to make improvements to Miles' equipment. It also unlocks most of the costumes that your hero can wear.

There are also activities involving other characters in the main plot of the game. These events will naturally become a part of the Spider's day-to-day routine. As you progress through the campaign, you will earn tokens and experiences that award points to the player's skill tree.

Miles Morales' combat is very similar to that of his mentor. The acrobatic blows and finishes, and the use of technological devices to assist in his direct and stealthy approaches. The novelties are due to his Venom powers. He makes use of the bioelectricity naturally generated by his body, and his ability to become invisible. These two elements add a new dynamic during combat. Venom powers are used for mobility and increased damage against enemies. Furthermore, when acting stealthily and escaping many opponents, camouflage gives you a different tactical advantage. This allows you to think of a new approach.


What we have here are simple improvements in terms of gameplay and pace of play. If you have certain muscle memory from playing the previous game, you will feel right at home with the controls in Miles Morales. They have the same fluidity and agility as the previous game.

The intense game rhythm, combined with a compelling story, will keep you company for the majority of the game. Of course, there will be times when you should do something else. This time, however, the Insomniac team has placed a greater emphasis on the uninterrupted occupation. You have more options for your next move. Whether you're concentrating on the main campaign or using the app to complete secondary objectives and other tasks around town.

The volume and duration of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales as an expansion are less than those of Marvel's Spider-Man.There are a lot of secondary activities to complete in the first game. Many of these tasks must be completed simultaneously and in large quantities. Not to mention Peter Parker's major campaign until the final confrontation with Doc Ock.


Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an excellent action game. It retains all of the positive aspects of the previous title. At the same time, it tells a new story about the charming Miles Morales, the second Spider-Man. It's a less ambitious adventure, but it's just as entertaining and enjoyable. The disadvantage is that the pressures of being a launch title work against them.


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