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Sea King – Review

Sea King is a party game that you can play with up to three other players or play solo with AI characters. It’s a clever little game with a ton of charm and can be immensely fun to play. You pick a ship and set sail as a pirate on the sea. The game is top down and has a good variety of game modes. In fishing, you try to catch fish as quickly as you can while attacking your friends. In shark Pong you fire cannon balls at a shark so that he chases after the others. It’s really well presented, and the ships looks neat. Overall, a fun party game to play with friends.

Pros: Fun game modes Good Co-op

Cons: Not fun solo

Score – 9/10


Take your ship to sea and challenge your friends for the title of ‘Sea King’. Play with 3 other friends or against the brutally clever AI or against both friends and AI. No party is complete without a naval fighting game. The victor wins brag rights.


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