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Roller Champions - Review

OUR SCORE - 8.5/10

In Roller Champions two teams of 3 players face each other in a sport that combines elements of roller skating and football. Players need to keep possession of the ball while skating through multiple checkpoints and completing at least 1 lap on the field, and then throw the ball through a target to score a point.

Runners will also be able to choose to take risks in order to accumulate a greater amount of goals scored, finishing more laps before throwing the ball: a throw after two laps equals three points. The opponents will use all their coordination - and violence - to snatch the ball from the hands of the opposing team, with kicks and punches or, more simply, intercept the ball between a pass and a throw.

It follows the same fundamentals as Rocket League, adding its own spin which makes it rather unique. It is simple to learn, but tough to master. You need to learn how to take advantage of the ramps and the mobility,

Team coordination is of vital importance, which is why Roller Champions is best played with friends or a close-knit team able to give each other information on the different roles to play in the game.

Since this is a free-to-play title, it is also important to mention how the Roller Champions microtransactions work, which we believe is essential to clarify immediately to be purely cosmetic.

Ubisoft has already clarified that every season new customizations will be introduced and that none of those that can currently be purchased will return in future updates: it is clear that this is a method to incentivize the most interested users to immediately unlock any cosmetic element.

The number of fans at your disposal will increase after each of your games is won or lost and based on the daily missions completed: in addition to being able to advance your progress in the Roller Pass, it will also serve as a real indicator of the experience in Roller Champions and that you will allow easier access to certain playing fields.

On the whole, Roller Champions is a rather fun title that you can jump into at any time, so we highly recommend giving it a shot. It is free-to-play as well, so grab your friends and start skating!


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