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Rainbow Six Mobile - Preview (Closed Beta)

OUR SCORE - 9/10

Rainbow Six: Siege has been one of the biggest and most popular team shooters for a while. Ubisoft recently announced they would bring it to their mobile audience with a Free-To-Play title called Rainbow Six Mobile. But how well does it hold up? Let's find out!

For those unfamiliar with Rainbow Six, to start you will be divided into 2 teams, namely Attacker and Defender. The attacker will start outside the building by controlling the drone to find the main objective such as a "bomb", and "biohazard container" or the enemy within 30 seconds.

At the same time, Defenders also use their gadgets to defend the area from Attackers. After t he end of 30 seconds, both teams will move to the main gameplay phase where the Attacker starts to attack the area by using the weapons, abilities and gadgets available to get the objective. While the Defender is the opposite, they use weapons, abilities and gadgets to defend the objective from being taken by the Attacker.

Moving to the main gameplay phase, the player can defeat the enemy by shooting using primary, secondary or bomb weapons. Players who have received damage that allows HP to drop to 0 will not die immediately. They were even allowed to return after receiving a "revive" from their teammates. If the luck is too bad, you will continue to be fished by enemies until you die.

However, with the presence of important features that have been provided by them such as Auto Swap, Auto Shot and many more, it has given many advantages to mobile players.

Here are the settings provided in Rainbow Six Mobile:

  • HUD Customization - Allows you to change button positions

  • Gameplay - Settings like "Aim Assist, Auto-Vault" and many more.

  • Touch Control

  • Sensitivity

  • Language

  • Audio

For now, there are two modes that can be played right now as part of the closed beta: Secure Area and Bomb.

Secure Area

In this mode, you will be divided into two parties where the Attacker will find a room that has a "biohazard container" and defend the room in 10 seconds.

While the goal of the defender is to defend the room from being entered by the Attacker. When the Attacker enters, you as the Defender have to fight them until none of them are in the room.

Basically, this mode is like the "capture point" mode that is in other games, where everyone has to defend the area in a certain amount of time to get points. But what makes this Secure Area mode different is that they have Attacker and Defender.

For me it is very fun to be a defender, with various gadgets that can be used to close windows, doors and many other equipment to defend.


For Bomb mode, the Attacker needs to find a room that contains a bomb and defuse the bomb by using a "defuser." While the Defender has to defend the room from being entered by the Attacker.

For me, Bomb mode is a mode that is quite easy to play again, being able to play defender first. This is because, you can get a lead point by using all the gadgets you can.

Battle Pass & Challenge

After finishing playing, players will be rewarded with XP for levels, battle passes and progress "Challenges." It is divided into three parts namely "Daily, Weekly" and "Progression". Daily will contain 3 easy challenges while Weekly challenges require quite a bit of time to complete.

For the "Progression" challenge, it takes more time because not everything depends on the gameplay such as unlocking a certain operator.

Most of the rewards given through "Challenges" are Battle Pass XP where they are divided into 2 parts, Free and Premium. Don't worry, the free Battle Pass has many rewards including operator tickets, platinum, borders, avatars and more. While the premium Battle Pass, only provides a Caveira ticket and how to activate it uses the platinum accumulated through the free Battle Pass.


They have prepared a lot of operators but the ones allowed to play at the beginning are only two, namely ATK Recruit when being an Attacker and DEF Recruit when being a Defender. Operators are divided into 2 categories, namely Attacker and Defender. To get other operators, you can get them using the ticket system where they can be obtained through "Ticket Pass".

After getting a ticket, you need to play that operator up to 14 times to unlock it permanently. So, it requires a grinding process that is actually quite difficult. This is because, maybe other players also want to use the same operator as you want. So, whoever gets it first.

What makes each operator unique is that they have different abilities and loadouts. And the difference between them makes them have their own advantages.


The gameplay that can be played in this closed test version is quite good. It's just likely that many people are still not familiar with the gameplay in the Rainbow Six Siege franchise, making the gameplay of this game a bit clumsy. Instead of finding and completing the objective, many have died due to not memorizing the map and others. This will undoubtedly change over time because they have learned something from the mistakes made.

Rainbow Six Mobile is a very good mobile game because they try to use a different approach besides the battle royale, MOBA and RPG genres. Both current Rainbow Six: Siege players and new ones can find this mobile version equally enjoyable. You can pre-register for it right now on Google Play Store.


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