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Rainbow Six Extraction - Review

OUR SCORE - 9/10

When Rainbow Six Siege was released, it soon became a breakout hit. With time and effort, Ubisoft has slowly streamlined it into one of the top multiplayer and esports titles in existence. From intense tactical action to complete freedom in gameplay choices, it is rightly the go-to PvP FPS for a lot of gamers.

So, when Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Extraction, a mainly PvE co-op title, our surprise was expected. A lot of concerns were raised too. But it turns out the studio has done a good job of building a three-player co-op experience on the foundation laid by Siege.

The basis of Rainbow Six Extraction has been taken directly from its predecessor. The core gameplay, which has been fine-tuned for half a decade, is also one of the strongest points that Extraction has to offer. Plus, you can choose from a roster of fifteen familiar faces, including their unique abilities.

The game is all about the outbreak of the Chimera parasite that is spreading around the world from the United States at lightning speed. The Operators' job is to get a picture of the outbreak and learn more about the parasite, the monsters that come with it, and the mutations that arise and are discovered by playing missions and collecting samples.

Mission Structure and progression in Extraction are quite simple. You jump into a hot zone alone or with up to two more players, sneak around and take out these Archaeans, collect the data and then head to the extraction point. And we highly recommend playing it in co-op because that makes the game a lot more fun. The difficulty scales with the number of players, and so does the level of coordination required. The result is an extremely polished chaotic experience that can last for hours on end.

Visually, the game is not the best to look at, but it's still a treat. There's care and attention to detail, the environments have been well designed and there's a lot of stuff happening at times. The performance, even in the most intense of situations is extremely streamlined, leading to a rather fun and enjoyable FPS experience.

The only gripe, if any, with Extraction would be that it can feel a little repetitive after some time because of the core loop. But as you're playing with friends and there are multiple operators to choose from, the game doesn't feel boring at all. Because with every different combination of players and operators, open up new possibilities of gameplay decisions and choices.


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