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Pokémon UNITE becomes the biggest launch for a MOBA title on mobile

Pokémon UNITE is continuing to see massive growth on both Nintendo and mobile platforms. The Pokémon Company confirmed on Monday via its official Twitter account that the franchise’s first strategic team battle has crossed 25 million downloads across Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

Last week, analytics firm Sensor Tower’s data showed that Pokémon UNITE surpassed 15 million downloads in 2 days, making it the biggest ever launch for a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. It took Brawl Starts seven days to reach this same milestone.

When the game was first unveiled in June 2020 during a Pokémon Present digital event, the debut trailer gained over 100k thumbs down in just one day. Despite the rocky start to its unveiling, the game maker has done its work to improve the game for the better and has succeeded in making a MOBA that will please even enthusiastic fans of the Pokémon franchise. 

The mobile version was launched on Sept. 22 initially in 73 countries and regions and became number 1 in free game charts in 65 countries and regions in just 2 hours after launch.

It isn’t surprising as the developer appears to be highly responsive to players’ needs ever since the game was released on Nintendo Switch in July, creating frequent fresh gaming content to attract fan base old and new. The latest playable Pokémon, Sylveon, is added to the game on Oct. 5, with more updates to come in the future.


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