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MLB The Show 23 - Review


MLB The Show 23 is an impressive title that strikes an excellent balance between entertaining baseball gameplay, story elements that are well-researched and deeply engaging, and a wide range of modern team-building features typical of sports titles.

Visually speaking, the game is simply outstanding, with significant improvements in lighting and textures compared to its previous edition.

MLB The Show 23 offers a host of ways to play. For example, a very short time ago, Japan won the World Baseball Classic. The Show 23 includes all the jerseys of the players from different countries and official players.

Players can create their own character in Road to The Show mode, including the option to add their own face digitally. Then they can embark on the journey of the American Dream from the Minor Leagues to the Big Show. Diamond Dynasty mode allows players to build their fantasy team of past legends and current players using decks of cards. The good news is that players can compete without spending any money and many cards are available from day one instead of being drip fed.

Always fun and pleasingly deep, Franchise Mode allows players to take control of their favorite team and try to get them to the World Series. There are improvements to the scouting and drafting systems, and it's immensely satisfying to try to recruit the next MLB superstar.

San Diego Studio has done an outstanding job incorporating this critical part of sports history into MLB The Show 23, with the unique Storylines mode that tells the story of various Negro League icons, including Robinson and other Hall of Famer stars. Buck O'Neil Baseball fame. and Satchel Paige. It's a sobering and masterfully crafted history lesson that sheds light on an essential part of the game that should never be forgotten.

On the fielding side, the difficulty has increased. In outfields, there is a slight delay in movement initialization compared to previous versions. Additionally, the cast meter has become more difficult and less predictable. When attempting to shoot a ball from near the warning lane, the accuracy meter and area moves, making it difficult to see. This is something I love, as it makes the game a bit more unpredictable.

Graphically the game is simply beautiful, I really don't have any kind of complaints or suggestions in this section other than enjoying it. At the performance level, it has a pretty good one, my eyes noticed few frame drops, which is something very positive, and it always kept up with the moment and with very good loading times.

In conclusion

MLB The Show 23 is a great game, it has enough changes to feel even more polished, it's graphically beautiful, and it has a large number of game modes that will provide us with a large number of hours of pure quality gameplay. To feel more gratified with the game, I would have preferred the new rules to be present, but I understand that in some update they will arrive. Meanwhile, there is a lot of baseball left to play.


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