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Melty Blood: Type Lumina free DLC characters Mash Kyrielight and Neco-Arc launching on August 19

Melty Blood: Type Lumina DLC characters Mash Kyrielight and Neco-Arc will launch on August 19 as a free update.

The free update will also include:

  • Neco-Arc dedicated stage: “Great Cat’s Village R”

  • Mash Kyrielight dedicated stage: “Fateful Crossroads“

  • Five additional color variations and color palettes for all characters – Increased custom colors by three slots.

  • New scenarios for Arcueid and Ciel – Scenario drafting and supervision by Kinoko Nasu, and scenario writing by acpi.

  • Boss Rush 2 implemented – Featuring a scenario that revolves around Noel.

  • Battle system adjustments.

Watch the trailer below.


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