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Mario Strikers: Battle League version 1.2.0 update is now available

Publisher Nintendo and developer Next Level Games have released the version 1.2.0 update for Mario Strikers: Battle League, which adds Pauline and Diddy Kong as playable characters, as well as the “Barrel” gear and new stadium “Planetoid.”

Get the patch notes below.

Additional Content

  • Added “Pauline” as a playable character.

  • Added “Diddy Kong” as a playable character.

  • Added the “Planetoid” stadium.

  • Added the “Barrel” gear set.

Added Features

  • Added “Striker Rankings” to the Main Menu. Compete by comparing your individual ability over a fixed period of time with “Skill Score”, which varies with your performance in online matches (excluding Battle Friends).

  • Added the following content to “Strikers Club.”

    • You can now customize supporters in the stadium. Access this by going to “Club Management” → “Stadium” → “Supporters.”

    • You can now use Coins to view fireworks and confetti when you score a goal or when you win a match. Access this by going to “Club Management” → “Match Celebration.”


  • Adjusted the behavior so that CPU teammates mark opponents more quickly.

  • Adjusted the order of characters when you switch characters.

  • Adjusted the charge time of Perfect Free Passes and Perfect Free Lob Passes.

  • Increased the amount of Coins and tokens you earn depending on the results of a match.

  • Changed the period of time for a rule in Strikers Club, which states that a Club will not be allowed to join a season if no member of a Club has been online within a certain amount of time, from 90 days to 30 days.

  • Changed the number of ? Blocks that are thrown to the losing team at kickoff from 2 to 1 when the difference in score is 2 points.

  • Adjusted the match-making system in online matches.

  • Made several other adjustments to game balance and fixed several other issues to improve the gameplay experience.


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