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Journey Of Life – Review

I was drawn to Journey of Life because of it’s interesting premise –  a man loses his fortune and decides to live off the land, and build something for himself. It was grounded in reality, and is probably where I am headed in life as well. This game seemed like good practice. Anyways, Journey of Life is a survival game where you start off on an island, have to scavenge for foot and items, build a base, and eventually move out to other islands who have their own eco systems. It’s a bit more laid back than your average survival game, but I feel that it’s to the game’s credit. 

Pros: Looks good Chilled out Interesting setting Lot of depth

Cons: Lots of bugs and unfinished features Steep learning curve

Score – 7/10


Journey of life is a survival sandbox game where the player finds himself on a group of islands where each island has a different biome with different flora and fauna.

In order to build a village, the player needs to create a variety of stations that will process materials found on the islands into components used in crafting tools and weapons needed for survival.

The player needs to build a dock on the coast to be able to construct a ship used in sailing between islands. Before the ability to departure, the player needs to fill the ship with resources such as food and water to survive the stormy seas!


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