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Guilty Gear: Strive DLC character Sin Kiske announced

Arc System Works has announced Guilty Gear: Strive Season Pass 2 downloadable content character Sin Kiske, who will launch on November 24.

Here is Sin Kiske’s character description, via the game’s official website:

Chasing down his prey with his far-reaching flag. Ever-growing wild boy. He is the child of Ky Kiske, Allied King of Illyria, and Dizzy, a half-Gear, making him one-quarter Gear. Ky entrusted him to Sol as a child to avoid unwanted attention due to his incredible rate of growth caused by his Gear blood. Sol’s education leaned a bit too far into survival (self-admittedly), leading to Sin now being strong but mischievous and somewhat lacking in the academic department. Despite his looks, he’s actually not even ten years old yet, and is still rather immature mentally. He’s optimistic and doesn’t think too deeply about things. He could be called clueless at worst, and innocent at best. His simplistic thinking, however, can lead to a breakthrough in handling situations at times.


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