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Floppy Knights now available for Switch alongside version 2.0 update

Turn-based strategy deck-builder Floppy Knights is now available for Switch via Nintendo eShop alongside the game’s version 2.0 update on existing platforms, developer Rose City Games announced. It will be available at 20 percent-off of its regular price point of $19.99 until January 1, 2023.

Here is an overview of the game, via

About Meet the Floppy Knights: tangible projections summoned from floppy disks! Tactics fuse with card game mechanics as Phoebe and Carlton, a brilliant young inventor & her robot-arm bestie, square off in turn-based battles. Select your Knights, hone your deck, and execute your strategy for victory!

Key Features

  • Turn-based tactics meet card battler.

  • Vibrant world with hand-drawn visuals by Marlowe Dobbe (Dicey Dungeons).

  • Includes all downloadable content side quests with 24 new levels and over 50 new cards.

  • Approachable difficulty, plus assist options available.

  • Special challenge levels and secondary objectives to complete.


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