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Far Cry 6 Meets Stranger Things - The Vanishing DLC Review

If you thought that Ubisoft was done giving surprises with Far Cry 6, you're in for a treat. After impressing fans by bringing back old iconic villains, Ubisoft is now taking it up a notch, by bringing the world of Yara to the Upside Down. That's right, the latest DLC in Far Cry 6 is a crossover with Stranger Things, and we couldn't be happier.

Titled "The Vanishing", the DLC is an hour-long mission that transports you to a twisted version of the island, inspired by the Upside Down world of Stranger Things. And if you're wondering, yes, both the Mind Flayer and the Demogorgon make an appearance. Not only that, the DLC also brings a new experience to the Far Cry franchise - one of horror and survival, which is very well done.

The story unfolds in chapters, just like in Stranger Things. You start by investigating the disappearance of some of your comrades, which leads you to a hidden bunker. From there, you go on an adventure like never before.

Resources are extremely limited and you don't have access to your regular inventory while you're in the Upside Down, which adds to both the tension and horror. The music, the visuals, the environment are all impressive, looking exactly like you'd see them on the show. The title follows the Far Cry pattern, but is much more embedded within the Stranger Things universe.

We're not going to spoil the story, but we'll say this: The Vanishing is the best DLC so far in the game. By bringing different survival horror elements from Stranger Things, it offers a delight for fans of both Far Cry and the Netflix show.


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