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Far Cry 6 - Collapse DLC Review


If you played through Far Cry 5, there's no way you would forget Joseph Seed anytime soon. The charismatic antagonist did a phenomenal job of adding substance to the game, and once again, Ubisoft showed it knows how to write memorable villains.

Jump to Far Cry 6, and the religious cult leader still has something to offer. Collapse is the final DLC for Far Cry 6 in which the players take on the hat of Joseph Seed. The map "inside Joseph's mind" in Hope County does not disappoint either, it is quite large and maintains colourful and religious aspects with perfectly marked paths to complete the three main missions, and the rest of the secondary missions to earn more weapons, among other things. Of course, as in other DLC opportunities, it invokes surrealism.

Posed with the task of finding the three pieces of your broken cross, you can easily get lost in the mind of the villain. Whether it's the various challenges that lead to unlocking different weapons and abilities, or intense enemy encounters, or just exploring the lush landscape, there's plenty to do for players of all tastes and kinds.

As Ubisoft has presented us in the previous DLCs, it continues with the rogue-like formula since if they kill us we will lose everything we have harvested up to that moment.

If you liked the previous two DLCs that Ubisoft released in the past few months, this one will also catch you as it maintains the same dynamic where you have to get into the mind of the villain, learn his secret stories from Far Cry 5, and try to escape but it will not be easy. The difficulty is high and as you progress the challenges will become tremendous so you will need patience and good game strategies to stay and not lose the progress you have made up to that moment.

Hope County's settings are attractive with a really interesting design everywhere you look, with ample vegetation and quirky characters. Not only does it offer tons of replayability, it also lets the player get a glimpse into the mind of one of the most iconic Ubisoft villains, helping them understand more of their backstory. We're huge fans of bringing out old antagonists like this, and would whole-heartedly recommend fans to check out this DLC.


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