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Effie – Review

Effie is a really cutesy looking 3D platformer set in a fantasy universe. You play as Galand, setting out to regain his lost youth. The combat is tight and fast, the platforming is simple, yet the clever mix of puzzles and fast movement keeps the pace going. There are a good number of platforming puzzles to solve, and they feel really satisfying. The combat is also fast paced. It’s simple but shows some depth as you keep progressing. the game also has a good look to it similar to Portal Knights, and a lot of vibrant lighting, colors and depth of field effects. Plus, the shield turns into a rocket boosted skateboard that fun to fly around on.

Pros: Fun platforming Well designed levels vibrant visuals

Cons: Boss fights are not that fun

Score – 8/10


Effie is a 3D action-adventure game that combines classic elements from the genre, such as combat, platforming, and puzzles, with the exploration of an expanded world. Live a unique fantasy adventure, free the cities from a powerful and dark evil, and relive the look and feel of old-school video-games!

Experience a unique adventure

Delve into the adventure of Galand, a young man in his quest to recover his youth after a witch cursed him with premature old age. Defeat all the sinister creatures, overcome all the platforming challenges and solve the most complex puzzles!

Runestone, your travel companion

A powerful black magic controls the cities of the region of Oblena. To face evil, you will carry a magic shield that will allow you to defend yourself, to fight and to surf across the red grassland. It will gradually grow in power and skills!

Relive the feeling of old-school video-games

We all have fond memories of those incredible classic 3D action-adventure games. We have used those references to bring those sensations back to life again, but with modern graphics, controls and game-play!


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