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Dead Space Remake Review

Our Score - 9/10

Dead Space changed the face of sci-fi horror when it first came out, quickly earning its rightful place as a cult classic among both horror and sci-fi fans. Now it's 2023, and the remake is here. The game's DNA remains largely the same, and that's good news. It's both a blessing and a curse to make a remake of such a gaming masterpiece, since on the one hand you have a very solid base to work with and on the other hand you can't and don't want to completely copy-paste it to contemporary expectations.

The new one knows how to adapt a sleeve perfectly by unleashing the latest graphic gadgets: the game is full of details, both in the textures and the many objects that create the illusion of an austere but livable working environment. That's supposed to be the colossus that the USG Ishimora is, something the original (probably also for technical reasons) didn't always succeed in.

The dynamic lights remain a highlight of the game just like 15 years ago, especially when they interact with smoke and steam effects. Particles splash out of power lines and everything that appears on your screen in motion does so with smooth and believable animations. In short, if you saw Dead Space sitting in a bar, you would like it.

The modernized adventure on the USG Ishimura still manages to stir up emotions. This ode to the original Dead Space is worth playing and like the editors the sales numbers don't lie: this is how you take a game into the 3rd decade of the 21st century . Behind it is a team of developers whose passion for the source material sweats out through every pore of the remake. All that remains is the obvious conclusion: buy the game so that Dead Space 2 can enjoy the same rejuvenation treatment. All said and done, Dead Space 2023 is without a doubt the best version of the game.


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