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Daymare: 1998 – Review

Daymare: 1998, is a third person horror survival game, set in the 90’s a fact visually expressed aesthetically throughout the environment. In Daymare: 1998, an incident or something has turned the your town into a dead zone, and all its citizens into mutated creatures. As you weave your way through this horrifying nightmare your town and it’s people have become to find the truth, your ability at stealth and all out combat is tested. 

While the game sets itself in the 90’s it does so without really bringing in new experiences for the player to take from the game. It’s repetitive because of  other games that have come before it. The story is okay but mostly remains unimaginative. You control three protagonists in turns often scouring the parts of the city or installations looking for information on what happened and ammunition to survive. The combat style and setting though old, it still has it’s satisfying moments.

Platform- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 Price- Rs.699 Developer- Invader Studios Publisher- Destructive Creations, All in! Games


  1. World captures the 90’s horror games pretty well, giving it a retro feel.

  2. Combat can be fun


  1. Boss fights turn out to be tedious or unfair at times

  2. The voice acting is a mood kill.

Score: 8/10


DAYMARE: 1998 is a third-person survival horror with hardcore survival mechanics and hard to kill enemies. It requires a strategical approach to combat and puzzles and offers a multi-character point of view on the story, revealing a deep and obscure lore.

The scene is set with a secret research facility, a deadly chemical weapon and a special security team to investigate this incident with the potential to become much more than just a security breach. Follow the steps of an elite soldier, a helicopter pilot and a forest ranger, as they play out their roles in an event that transforms one peaceful small town into a deadly zone and its citizens into bloodthirsty monsters. Take the creatures down first, before looking for any clues and evidence to bring more sense to the mess. Keep track of your itinerary, as resources are scarce in a situation like this! Anything can happen when your daymares become real…


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