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Cricket 24 Review


Cricket 24 is the annual installment in the cricket video game series developed by Big Ant Studios. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Cricket 22, with few noticeable differences. The core gameplay mechanics remain virtually identical, offering a wide variety of shot selections for batting and a range of bowling techniques. However, there are certain areas that still require improvement, such as fielding controls and animations.

One of the highlights of Cricket 24 is its enjoyable core gameplay. Batting offers a great variety of options for aggressive, defensive, and unorthodox shots, allowing players to showcase their skills at the crease. Similarly, the bowling mechanics provide a range of delivery types, including cutters, swingers, bouncers, and spin balls. However, the fielding aspect of the game falls short, with inaccurate controls and lackluster animations that often result in comical situations.

Visually, Cricket 24 falls short of expectations. The game lacks detailed textures in many areas, giving it an outdated appearance. Additionally, frequent glitches and bugs, such as players going invisible or the camera clipping into the environment, hinder the overall visual experience. Combined with occasional crashes and desolate online lobbies, Cricket 24 fails to deliver a visually appealing gameplay environment.

One area where Cricket 24 does excel is in its licensed content. The game features an impressive array of franchise tournaments and teams, including the Indian Premier League, The Hundred, and The Big Bash League. With a total of 23 playable formats, Cricket 24 offers a wide range of options for players to experience various cricketing tournaments.

Cricket 24 does a commendable job in capturing the atmosphere of professional cricket matches. The presentation includes elements such as the coin toss, national anthem renditions, and umpire interactions, which add to the overall immersion. However, the crowd atmosphere falls short at times, lacking the fervor and excitement that one would expect from a cricket match. The pyrotechnics during T20 games also feel underwhelming.

The sound effects in Cricket 24 are serviceable, and the commentary is decent, albeit limited in variety. Some lines tend to repeat excessively, which can become repetitive and detract from the overall experience. The music in the game, particularly in the main menu, is subpar and looped endlessly, failing to create an engaging ambiance.

Cricket 24 offers a significant amount of content for players to explore. From immediate match entry options to participating in The Ashes or World Championships, there are various avenues to choose from. The game also provides customization options for players' appearances and bowling styles. However, it is worth noting that not all Indian Premier League teams are included, which may disappoint fans. The absence of the promised Pro Team mode is also a letdown.

The Career Mode in Cricket 24 allows players to create a character, choose a team, and interact with a coach to shape their playing style and development. While the mode offers an extensive suite of customization options and perks, it lacks a strong sense of player progression and impact on team dynamics. The gameplay in Career Mode feels similar to that of Cricket 22, leaving room for improvement and innovation.

The batting mechanics in Cricket 24 revolve around quick reflexes and decision-making. Players must choose between stepping on the back foot or front foot, depending on the delivery type and pitch conditions. Timing and shot selection are crucial for success at the crease. However, the responsiveness of the batting system can feel inconsistent, leading to frustrating moments when timing and shot choice seem arbitrary.

Bowling in Cricket 24 offers a range of delivery types, allowing players to strategically alternate between different tactics. The ability to control the field and effectively lock down the opposing batter can be enjoyable. However, there are no significant new additions or innovations in the bowling mechanics compared to the previous installment.

The AI in Cricket 24 shows promise but falls short in execution. While opponents can display excellent fielding skills and adapt to the game situation, there are instances where they fail to capitalize on opportunities or make questionable decisions. The fielding overhaul promised in Cricket 24 does not bring any significant improvements, leaving room for refinement and enhancement.

Although the game does contain some bugs and glitches, they are not prevalent. However, occasional issues such as players randomly taking runs between balls or animation inconsistencies can detract from the overall experience.

Cricket 24, while an improvement over its predecessor in terms of presentation and licensed content, falls short in various aspects. The gameplay remains largely unchanged, with few noticeable additions. The visuals lack polish and are plagued by glitches and bugs. The absence of the promised Pro Team mode and limited customization options also dampen the overall experience.

Unless you are a die-hard cricket fan or seeking a new cricket game to play, Cricket 24 may not offer enough to warrant a purchase. With the potential for improvement in future installments, it's advisable to wait for further refinements in the series before taking a swing at Cricket 24.

This game was reviewed on PS5.


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