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Beyond Two Souls – Review

Beyond Two Souls is a complicated game. It’s made by Quantic Dream, known for Heavy Rain, and tells the tale of a young girl with a ghost buddy, who she can control at times. This essentially gives her super powers, and the story sees her growing up in an abnormal environment. Such power obviously draws the eyes of government agencies, and her upbringing is mostly in their presence and under their influence. She soon sees herself embroiled in global politics, and this affects her everyday relationships.

It’s an interesting story, that doesn’t always hold up, but is worth seeing through regardless. Beyond Two Souls is an incredible looking game – the facial capture is top notch and the overall graphics are really sharp. If you like choice driven games, and are familiar with Quantic Dream’s previous work, then this is an easy recommendation.

Pros: Interesting story Looks great Lots of choices Excellent performances

Cons: Some inconsistencies in the plot

Score – 7.5/10


A unique psychological action thriller delivered by A-list Hollywood performances of Ellen PAGE, Willem DAFOE, Beyond: Two Souls™ takes you on a thrilling journey across the globe as you play out the remarkable life of Jodie Holmes.

Born with a connection to a mysterious entity with incredible powers, Jodie is different. Your actions will determine Jodie’s fate as she faces extraordinary challenges, danger, and heart-wrenching loss on a journey to discover the truth of who she is.


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