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Back 4 Blood – Review

Fans of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 have been waiting for a solid co-op zombie shooter for a long time. There have been a lot of those in recent times, but sadly none fill the void left by Valve’s horde survival adventures. Thankfully, that’s all changing because Back 4 Blood not only brings back the charm of the Left 4 Dead games, it improves upon them in every single way.

As one would expect, the game doesn’t have an elaborate story apart from – you and your friends need to take down hundreds upon hundreds of different kinds of zombies in order to survive and get out. And honestly, that’s all the motivation need to get into the action.

This isn’t to say that there’s no plot at all. Our species has been infected with a parasite called the Devil’s Worm, that the few survivors call themselves Exterminators (with good reason), and that the so-called Infested include zombies and other disgusting creatures who will do whatever it takes to kill you.

You will be able to face the campaign together with three other bots, it is true, but in this case, the game will not allow you to progress and develop your character. We did not like the choice at all, but it is possible that through future updates the situation may change.

Considering that Back 4 Blood has very high replayability and focuses on the diversity of the games, it seems correct to have included three distinct difficulties that are able to mark an excellent sense of progression.

Players will have the opportunity to acquire, choose and dispose of particular cards that will affect parameters such as health, stamina, magazine capacity, agility, stamina, but also alter team dynamics through group aid. and a whole series of variables that we leave you the pleasure of discovering. Surprisingly, before starting a level you will realize that even the so-called Game Master has his deck, so as to change some of the conditions you will have to comply with.

If at low levels the cards don’t really make a difference (except in the more advanced stages), the music changes when you choose to increase the challenge level. Moreover, for a correct management of the deck, you must always know that the first card is applied automatically and that the established sequence of the in-game use of the deck follows the chronology that you will have set at the beginning of the session.

The cards, in addition to being collected around the map, can be progressively unlocked thanks to points that you will get game after game, effectively increasing the success rate for subsequent sessions. Of course, there is also a good dose of absolute randomness to spice up the vicissitudes of the heroes, and it depends on both the waves of the hordes and the game dynamics that you will encounter with your team from time to time.

The fluidity is always high even in exciting moments, and we assure you that these represent a very high percentage of play. On PC, DLSS support gives an edge in terms of quality and overall fluidity. The game also has four options related to DLSS which, remember, is only available for the GeForce RTX graphics cards of the 20 and 30 series: quality, balanced, performance, and ultra-performance.

Back 4 Blood is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC.


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