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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Kassandra Crossover Story Review

Our Score - 8/10

Whether you've played Assassin's Creed Odyssey or not, you're sure to be aware of Kassandra, the protagonist of the game. With her quips and the spear of Leonidas, she quickly became a fan-favorite when Odyssey was released a few years ago. And thanks to a new free update, you can meet her again in the latest installment in the series, Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

In the series' first-ever crossover story, Eivor and Kassandra meet face-to-face, embarking on an adventure to solve the mysteries on the isle of Skye. The quest can be started by going to Velka's hut. There, you see a lady waiting for you, who tells you that the people of Skye are plagued by nightmares and Eivor is the only one who can help.

Upon reaching the island, you make your way to a church, where you encounter a mysterious woman and a pile of bodies. This mysterious woman is none other than our friend from the Greek isles, Kassandra. She's there looking for an ancient artifact that is supposed to be the source of the aforementioned nightmares. You're off to a rocky start, but along the way, Eivor and Kassandra are able to become friends.

We won't go into a lot of story details for the sake of spoilers. But we will tell you to look forward to a few things. These involve Kassandra teaching Eivor to say Malaka, the pair crashing a wedding party and having a drinking contest, among other things.

The whole quest should take under two hours to wrap up, and while there is some more side stuff to keep you occupied, it's definitely not as filling as the previous DLCs. And it doesn't add anything to Valhalla's existing story, but it's definitely a fun experience seeing these two characters interact and fight alongside each other. Kassandra's immortality seems to have taken a toll on her, and it's interesting to see how she's developed since the events of Odyssey.

What we would have loved to see is a boss fight, maybe more, but sadly the episode doesn't offer much on that front. Still, overall it's a fun and enjoyable ride, and we sure hope to see more crossover stories in the future.


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