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As Dusk Falls - Review

OUR SCORE - 9/10

As Dusk Falls tells the story of the fate of two families who become entangled by mistake in the territory of a small town in Arizona. You will follow the destinies of the lives of several characters spanning 30 years , from the botched heist of the Holt brothers, to dealing with family problems between Vincent and Michelle Walker, to the personal therapy of young Zoe, who became a small hostage in a motel robbery.

The game is divided into two books. Where the first is more action. While the second book follows up on past events and offers a more constructive view of the individual characters - their motivations and plans for the future. In any case, you can influence the story, and after completing each chapter, you can see a beautiful decision tree, similar to Detroit: Become Human. Not only that, you can go back to breakpoints and rewrite your decisions or just explore and see what would have happened - if.

It is beautiful to see how we can sometimes underestimate creative decisions. It only took me about 15 minutes to get used to the storytel ling style, but I also started to enjoy it. I noticed facial expressions more. I could tell more easily when someone was lying, when someone was hiding something, or when they were telling the truth. It certainly didn't occur to me at any point that the creators chose this style because they were lazy. On the contrary. Cutting out and stylizing each frame into scenes is more complicated than modelling and animating the entire character through motion capture. The vision of the writers was to capture the emotions to make you care more about the characters - the argument is that instead of investing in cleaning up the animations,

In this way, the authors provide only the sensations that the player needs in each scene. They time music, and sound effects, and add context through ambient animations and visual effects—which happen in real-time.

How surprised I was by the depth of the characters and the fact that I care about their fate. Which doesn't happen to me much in games. And as much as I enjoyed going thh chapter multiple times to see what the next decisions look like, there are also negatives.

The first is the worse responsiveness of the control. You can slow down quick-time events in the settings, but that's not the point. I would much prefer that when I have to circle with the joystick, it actually registers the circle for me. And if I have to move out of nowhere in a direction so that th given engine reactions are a little faster. The game is benevolent, and a mistake doesn't always mean a fatal failure, even if it can surprise you.

When well-chosen music starts playing for you in a dramatic scene, and you have to decide the fate of several lives, the game can surprise you with its depth, like few other visual novels.

Do you like an interesting detective, tangled stories, where you have no idea until the last moment - what the hell is going on and do you like to swim in the mysterious sau ce of the fates of several families in an interwoven drama? And do you like the styling? Then this game is exactly for you and you won't regret it a single minute.

As Dusk Falls fills a niche in the market for interactive movies . Since the release of Hidden Agenda, there hasn't been a bigger game that you could invite even your parents to and have a movie night where you make decisions together - there simply hasn't been one.


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