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5 Reasons Why The Alienware Area 51m Is The Perfect Desktop Replacement

Since its release back in January 2019, Alienware Area 51m has been dubbed the “Beast of Gaming”. It is still high up in the ranks, if not ranked 1 when it comes to the best gaming laptops that have been released. If you’re looking for a somewhat portable desktop replacement that’s worth your money and will keep up with the fast-changing trends of computer upgrades, then Alienware Area 51m might be the perfect machine for you. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Design and Build Quality

Its unique modern design will grab your attention. Dell used magnesium alloy to give the laptop a smoother look. It may seem a little bulky at the first glance, but then, it’s built like a tank and packs some serious punch, along with the cooling solution required to keep it running at optimal performance. It has 6 heat pipes, 4 heat sinks and 2 fans. And, it’s quite a looker too! Featuring the new Legend design, the Area 51m has curves in all the right places and is available in either a matte black or white finish. It’s classy, elegant, and the quality screams premium.

2. Desktop Grade Components

Alienware Area 51m has actual desktop-grade components. It has a full-sized desktop CPU that supports Intel’s top of the line 9th generation core i9-9900k. The GPU has a Dell Graphics Form Factor slot for NVIDIA RTX 20-Series cards, up to 2080. The hard drive comes with 2, 512GB solid state drives. This laptop will surely give your files and games more than enough space without needing to choose which to keep, unlike other gaming laptops out on the market. And if for some weird reason you feel that the included RTX GPU isn’t enough, it also features Alienware’s Graphic Amplifier port that will let you plug in a desktop GPU, though with a 2080 on-board, the laptop’s pretty powerful as it is. Still, it’s always nice to have that option.

3. It’s Fully Upgradeable!

What makes the Alienware Area 51m so unique is its best feature, the upgradable components. Unlike most gaming laptops, the core features of the Alienware Area51m like the CPU and GPU (NVIDIA RTX 20 series) are both upgradable. The GPU is on a custom Dell module, so you can only get that through the company, but the CPU is just the good old Intel Desktop processor. Should you wish to upgrade, you can easily pull out the laptop’s CPU and switch it with the one you want to use, provided it’s compatible with the socket, obviously. The memory and storage (upgradable to a 1 TB hybrid drive) can be upgraded too, with some instructions given on how to properly open the machine.

4. Performance and Overclocking

As most powerful laptops out on the market right now, the Alienware Area51m boasts its fantastic handle when it comes to hard gaming. Its performance is solid. It has an excellent and fast frame rate that gives gamers a comfortable gaming experience. That’s not all, because both the CPU AND GPU in the Area 51m are overclockable. And the Alienware Command Centre makes is extremely easy to get that extra performance out of your laptop. There are pre-made profiles if you want to stick to the factory specifics, or create your own and overclock it manually!

5. 144 Hz Display

Now, if your PC has some of the most powerful components available in the market, it shouldn’t be bottlenecked by your display. A 9900K and RTX 2080 running on a 60Hz monitor? That makes no sense at all. That’s why the Area 51m comes with an ultra fast 144Hz display, that is amazing at showcasing the true power of the laptop. It has crisp and vibrant colours, and the refresh rate makes your games feel so smooth and responsive, it just takes the entire gaming experience to a whole new level. Seriously, it’s hard to go back once you get used to it.

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