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121XP forays into eSports arena; launches Team BlitzkriegXP

121XP, India’s first ever Out-of-the-line agency, today announced its foray into the Rs. 6,200 crore Indian eSports market with the launch of Team BlitzkriegXP. Led by three girls, Team BlitzkriegXP will focus on discovery and development of talent; content creation and competing in marquee game fests.

“The Indian eSports market is growing exponentially and being an experiential-first agency, it is a strategic foray into where the future lies”, said Alvin Dsouza, Managing Director, 121XP. “While the game sessions are getting competitive and rewarding; the need to create a credible ecosystem towards organizing a still nascent and cluttered industry space is paramount. With BlitzkriegXP, we are focusing on not only supporting a team, but in the process, expanding the realm of the Indian gaming industry by offering an aspiration empowerment network to the professional and casual gamers.”

BlitzkriegXP is helmed by Samin ‘AceAthena12’ Ahmed, Diksha ‘AshkidOP’ Kathayat and Pallavi ‘DarthPVader’ Venugopal – all semi-professional gamers who got together during a session of PUBG. The camaraderie then turned into a business proposition with the help of Ranjeeta Joshi as the Business Head of BlitzkriegXP– forming an organization that explores the levels of opportunities offered by the gaming industry.

“We are a team of passionate gamers who bring an unsatiating appetite to seek hidden possibilities of growth, learning and development. The gaming industry is not only limited to the contest arenas, the game windows or the in-venue engagements; but globally has spawned into multiple touchpoints for diverse communities – from content to platforms to branded tools to innovative products and inventive bootcamps. We not only seek to take the best in class gamers to the competition but also, their stories, perspectives and strategies to inspire, empower and cultivate a new age breed of Indian gamers and fans”, said Samin ‘AceAthena12’ Ahmed, Head-Marketing, BlitzkriegXP.

BlitzkriegXP today launched its logo and also announced a nationwide tryout for the team formation. With a mission to provide an experiential journey to each partner, BlitzkriegXP will have in-game content creators and coaching staff on board at the outset. Reinforcing their belief to do ‘whatever it takes’, it intends to share an out-of-the-world Blitzkrieg experience with every affiliate associated with it.

Blitzkrieg, which means ‘Lightning war’ in German, is all about exhibiting your power with full force and emerging with victory in whatever situation life throws us into. With the coordination of various techniques to defeat the opponent and breakthrough its defense is what the organization believes in.


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